Building a successful business!

Building a succesful business is challenging and it requires a lot of hardwork and determination.
A lot of people want to turn their passion into a profitable business but quit when they are faced with problems or challenges that could arise due to lots of factors such as lack of structure,improper management,lack of mission or vision etc.
In order to build a succesful business you need to consider the following:

Business plan
This is a document used for planning specific details about the business.
Its a vital aid to managing your business effectively,it also acts as a management tool to ensure your business is on course with meeting goals or targets.
Most times business owners question their need to have a business plan or follow a template that helps to put down their plan,what they have failed to realise is that a business plan would reveal to you areas of your business you have not even paid attention to or thought about.
A business plan template covers for a five years plan,so that allows you to make plans for the future.
I would say a business without a plan is one that is set out for ruin.

Goals and objectives
Its important to have a mission and vision for your business,asides making money or becoming financially free(which is not wrong).
When you set goals and objectives for your business,it makes it easy to make plans that are in line of what you have set out to acheive and also serve as a motivating force while you run the business.
It is also important for you to identify a need or an opportunity,as a business owner your product or service should be a response or solution to a particular need or problem.Ensure that you are not just selling to your customers but creating an experience that adds value to their life.

Business confidence
Confidence is a critical part of business growth, development and success.
One of the foundational elements of confidence is taking action,it is good to make plans but it is important to take action towards the plan.Confidence helps to take steps that would lead to the success of the business,you might not always know the end result or outcome of an action but you need to be confident in the choices that you make for your business and take risks.
To build confidence research good information,encourage yourself,learn from your mistakes or negative feedbacks and record your success.

Everything is possible depending on one’s mindset.
lack of information limits the mind and the training of the mind is a process.
Every business has it’s strengths,weakness,opportunities and threat as a business owner you need to be receptive of new information,carry out research and acquire more knowledge.It is important to keep yourself updated about the happenings in and out of your environment.You can also learn from other business owners,but trust your process and do not imitate(be creative).
It is also important to be steps ahead of your competitors and learning gives you an advantage over them.

Outsource and Invest
As a business owner its important for you to identify your strength and weakness,know your area of expertise and recognise the things you have no skills for it could be graphic designing for your business,social media management,content writing,photography etc.
It is wise to outsource these things to people who specialize in them.
I understand that most startups are running on a low budget,but any investment made into your business would lead to its growth and development,don’t always ask people for free services,pay the right people to render good service to you.
Something that seems as little as a logo could determine how a customer or even an investor views your business,the things you refuse to pay attention to because you don’t want to pay in lot of ways affect your business reputation.

Note:Everything is possible depending on your mindset,you can build a successful business that generations would benefit from,just ensure you take the right steps for your business and do not quit.

I’m tolu-berts a brand/business developer and consultant,would love to hear from you,please drop a comment,let’s talk!



Why is pressure such a big push for success? Are we all trying to make something out of our life because it looks cool on our current age or are we really living a fulfilled life.

Truth is time waits for nobody and we have expectations and responsibilities that sometimes make us insecured and live in regret.

Have had my moments too and I would admit that in a lot of ways it made me put my life on hold.people my age are married with kids and driving big cars but I don’t have all that,so all the things i have achieved and people my age have not dared becomes nothing.

What happened to our process?what happened to enjoying the journey?I’m not saying we shouldn’t push ourselves to greatness or work hard,I’m saying we should not choke on trying to achieve certain things so much that we loose who we are and become miserable or pathetic.

Truthfully there is so much we have achieved but we cannot see or enjoy because we do not breath through the process,so when these things happen,they no longer look like acheivements and then we fail to give ourselves credit.

There are really no principles for success,you simply just get out of bed each day and go for what you want,but whatever you decide to do,please breath through the process and when it seems you are failing or running out of time remind yourself that trying is success on its own.

Success is not doing things when others are doing it and it is not about doing things that look good on our age or doing things that please others,it’s okay to do things when you are ready.

Why is there so much need to be perfect?why are we trying so hard to be the ideal this or that?why are we fighting our imperfections and flaws so hard*deep sigh*

I have chosen to LIVE and I hope you can celebrate yourself where you are now and when the next stage happens do the same, cause in the end what is life if it is not celebrated and enjoyed.

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I am currently on holiday and have been contemplating going to lagos.I just dread the crowdiness and the stress in the city.When in Lagos,I stay at home all day.If I need to be in a place,I had better have money for uber.

Chill this post is not about where i want to spend my holiday or my struggle with lagos.

My question is “what does Lagos stand for in your life?”.Some of us have not moved from where we are because it is easier to remain in our comfort zone.
You don’t want to move to that city because you have to share a room with your cousin or sleep on the same bed with three other people.
Why haven’t you applied for that job? why haven’t you carried out that business plan or applied for that contract?how about that scholarship advert staring you in the face?

I know some are waiting for a nudge or a word from God and that is not bad but the reality is,that discomfort you are experiencing is also God’s way of speaking to you.

In my previous post ,I talked about faith being an access key to one’s blessings which must be utilized for the fulfilment of purpose and destiny.That is,there are some things only you can do and some only God can do.
One can blast in tongues all day but God will not send an angel to drive you to the level he has promised.Yes,the lord will set your feet on the rock to stand,but won’t you at least move close to the rock?.

I woke up this morning feeling uncomfortable,I just knew I am not where I am destined for.I shared my feelings with hubs and he made me realise that no matter how I envision my future,I still have to deal with the reality of now.He said “there is something God has commited into my hands and that is what I need to focus on,there is a lot available to me right now and I should take it and use it,there is a solution for every situation because our God is not unjust.

2017-09-17 16.38.41

So, I ‘m going to Lagos because the word God gave me is “If you’re going to take on nations, you can’t be afraid of the city.The world is not going to hand over anything to you,so you have to take that which rightfully belongs to you,conquering every city(obstacle)and fearlessly taking on nations.

God will never change his plan but he can replace anyone who refuses to carry out those plans.

My piece of advice is that you should get moving before another takes your place.
See you in Lagos(at the top)

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Jessica Tolulope Roberts



Open Your Tap

I was set to travel with hubs one morning,while having my bath i sensed in my spirit to open my tap i did so without doubt and strangely water started rushing(strange because the water tank was faulty in other words water could not run from the tap).I had enough to even fill all the containers at home.

Today’s post is not about my tap or faulty tank but how God taught me that faith is not just an access key but it also requires us to do our part which is to open and receive.

Faith is without any form of doubt and the just shall live by faith alone but why is it that many are not receiving the things they believe and trust God for.

I could have faith that water would run from my tap but if i did not open it,nothing would have happened.Faith is not without works,after putting in your access key you still have to open.

I once read about a man that travelled in a train and didnt know his ticket covered for food and drinks,he starved until the men he went to beg from,told him he could enjoy the same treat they were having with his train ticket.

A lot of people are still waiting on God for something he has already given them.It would be unwise to be begging,suffering or even waiting for something that is already in our hand just because we refuse to do our part ‘make the move’

You can not exercise faith by sitting in one spot,you need to get up,go out there and receive what belongs to you.Our father has not intended for us to live a life of mediocrity(below standard).Enough of us wishing and hoping it is time to go and receive the blessings that are destined for us as children of the most high.

Remember it is yours do not take NO! For an answer.

It has been such a long time here and it feels so good to back.I miss all my readers,i am back and better.


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So far

This time last year I had a write up about how my year was and decided to submit it for publication on a popular blog but it wasn’t published.So I decided to start my own blog.You see, sometimes the things we think are disappointments or setbacks are actually stepping stones into greatness.

After posting my story on my blog ,I got a lot of motivating comments and feedbacks they made me feel fulfilled but I started having doubts when months went by and I had nothing to post.At least,it was easier to share my story so what am I going to write next?how will I get the content?will people like it?

After months of neglecting my writing,I went through the process of hearing from God and learning to listen,I realised what the purpose is and knew the one who brought me thus far wouldn’t leave me stranded.He speaks then I write.

It wasn’t just about me becoming a writer,lives had to be impacted and God’s will had to be done .Once I realised and accepted these facts, God started making ways for me.He gave me great support system in my family,partner,my wonderful editor,great friends and my awesome readers.Not just that , the opportunities started coming in.I remember the day my aunt told me to submit an article on relationships for a magazine,I was excited but each time I wrote something ,it just didn’t make sense to me,but on the day of the deadline ,I reached to my source of inspiration and of course it turned out great,you see He’s always there.

I went from the girl that had only her story to share ,to the girl with deadlines and writing offers.It’s been an incredibly amazing journey,I take nothing for granted.So much has been learnt from my mistakes and success,I’m ready for greater heights and more expliots in the new year.

I want you to know there’s no limitation to what you can acheive if you believe in yourself and set your mind to it.The world is waiting for your greatness so it’s time to rise and shine!!!.Don’t stop reaching to your source of inspiration and remember through God all things are possible.

Happy Anniversary to The jessei Roberts’ and thank you for riding with me!!!!.

Improving Your Relationship

These days we hear and read about series of failed and broken relationships that are sometimes caused by neglect and refusal to improve on our relationships.

A relationship involves two different people with different perspectives and opinions,well you might say “oh my partner and I are the same,” but I”ll say the fact that you”re of different genders is enough difference.

I’ll be sharing simple and practicable tips on how to improve your relationship.


Making God the center of your relationship is the first step to having a successful relationship and the best way to improve your relationship.No one can understand you better than your maker,so tell Him everything. I always ask Him to teach me how to love my partner and it’s been working,so try it too.


Talk everyday about everything .Our mobile phones make communication much easier.Chat,send text messages and call each other often.It’s important to know you’re not in a relationship with a mind reader and even if you are,please open up about your feelings.You shouldn’t assume that your partner knows what’s going on in your mind,so express your thoughts and concerns freely.


Let’s face the fact.There are a few times that you will not feel like being in love. Those times,you’ll only need your friend.It is important to establish a good level of friendship,be each other’s best friend and confidant.I can tell you that a relationship with your best friend is the best.

Have fun

Spend time with each other as often as you can,watch movies together,go to the park etc just get to know what you both enjoy doing and have fun with it.It is not just about what you’re doing or where but the wonderful moments you make out of it.

Forgive quickly

Try not to carry a grudge to the next day,note that you might not always have the same view on issues,so learn to respect and accept each other’s personalty and opinions.

In addition to the above tips, be supportive of each other,don’t miss an opportunity to pass a compliment.Be patient, sensitive, honest and again put God first.



During my short visit home,i had someone make my hair hoping it would last me through my days in school before the break,but like my hair always does it decided to get rough quick and i had to loosen it,but i got tired of wearing a wig and i decided to try what my mum does to my natural hair,so i took time to brush,oil and style my hair,it came out shinny and smooth and i fell in love with it instantly,the love grew stronger when i started receiving great comments about my hair.

I think my hair can be related to a lot of things in our lives,strange you think but let me add that I had cut my hair a lot of times not because it looks good on me but because i cudn’t stand the stress and pain when all it needed was more oil.
 How many times have you given up on your dream,ideas,relationships,bussiness and so on just because it didnt work out the times you tried,you see sometimes we just need to put in a little more effort,attention,time,love,care and so on for them to start shining.There are also some of us that might need to cut off certain things,please do but dont fail to start again.

Above all we all need God to direct and guide us,just ask him to show you the way.He will never leave anyone stranded,if he is in it,he will see you through it.For those that feel they need a constant reminder not to give up or keep trying,you can relate with someone that believes in you&your purpose to keep motivating you.Remember your generation needs you so don’t give up,quit making excuses and start challenging the power of greatness in you.                                    

                                                   Jessica Roberts